Rome is one of those rare destinations where there really isn’t a “bad” time to go. Tourism runs non-stop and year-round here, to the dismay of some locals.

But if possible, avoid coming during the high-peak months (May through June) and go during September/October instead. Shoulder Season (as it is referred to in the tourism industry) is the brief amount of time between the high and low seasons.

Right after the summer rush is over and right before the holidays = the perfect time to visit for these 5 (very obvious) reasons:

  1. September marks the beginning of “shoulder season”
  2. It’s also the beginning of cooler temps
  3. The locals are back from their vacations – and back into the city
  4. Major sites are much less crowded, which means less wait time and more space in which to enjoy them
  5. You can find good deals & discounts – on flights, hotels, and tours

So….go ahead and book your ticket to Rome! And be sure to check out some of our deals when you do: