Allow us to introduce you to Ilaria who has been working as an Enjoy Rome Tour Guide for a number of years. As an award-winning Tour Agency, we strive to always deliver a superior service, ensuring that our visitors receive the best service and tours. As such, we work solely with licensed guides who have degrees and PhDs in Archaeology and the History of Arts.

Our expert multi-lingual Tour Guides have exceptional knowledge of the Eternal City and other places in Italy where we operate tours (Venice, Florence, Tivoli, and Pompei. All tours are listed on They love sharing their knowledge and insights with visitors. Every year thousands of guests join us for tours and learn about the history of the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Forum, and many other historic places and monuments.

What is the best thing about being an Enjoy Rome Tour Guide?

“I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and sharing information about my wonderful city with them. No two groups are the same. Visitors come to Italy from all over the world. They have different interests and things they want to know about. The great thing about smaller group tours is being able to have conversations with our visitors as a group. Often one person’s question will spark an interest in that topic with someone else in the group.

I love seeing people’s reactions when they see something spectacular for the first time. Rome has so many breathtaking views, works of art, and ancient buildings, and particularly for those who are visiting for the first time, it is lovely to see their reactions. For me, it’s a pleasure to introduce people to the Eternal City.”

What are the benefits to visitors of a small group, private or semi-private tour of the Vatican or Colosseum?

“The major benefit is that our tours have local tour guides leading them. It’s not just a recording people are listening to, so our visitors have the chance to interact, ask questions and get more in-depth knowledge. They can also ask for recommendations of places to visit or restaurants where they can eat typical Roman cuisine.

Many of our tours are ‘skip the line’ so it’s quick to access places such as the Vatican and Colosseum. At certain times of the year these locations are extremely crowded so being able to skip the line means starting the tour without having to hang about in long queues. This is a massive benefit particularly when it’s hot.

With a local tour guide who has grown up in the city and knows the city inside out, visitors gain an insider’s perspective and often get a sneak peek at some hidden gems.”

If you were asked for the top 5 things to see and do in Rome, what would you recommend?

“With so many amazing things to see and do and places to visit, it’s hard to pick just 5. If someone is visiting for the first time, I would recommend visiting:

    1. The Vatican
    2. The Colosseum
    3. The Roman Forum
    4. The City Centre (covers well-known locations such as the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and the Pantheon, to name just a few)
    5. Trastevere

We look forward to welcoming you soon.”

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